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Count of new links in category

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Count of new links in category
Hi all,

I have this nice global to show all the top level categories on any page.
The challenge is to get the actual count of New links in the categories like:

Applications (20 new links)

sub {
# returns all categories
my $category = $DB->table('Category');
$category->select_options('ORDER BY Name ASC');
my $sth = $category->select( ['Name','Full_Name'] );
my @cats;
while (my $cat = $sth->fetchrow_hashref) {
$cat->{URL} = "$CFG->{build_root_url}/" . $category->as_url($cat->{Full_Name}) . "/";
push @cats, $cat;
return { allcats => \@cats };

<%loop allcats%>
<a href="<%URL%>"><%Name%></a> (<%num_links%> new links)


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