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Heya all,

I'm looking for a simple and quick way for users to contact category editors. At it's simplest it can be a contact form and a form mail script that automatically sends an email to all editors of a specic category.

Better would be if a user completed a form and next time an editor logs into the editor interface he/she will see a list off all messages to editors from that category storred in the database and displayed. Editors can respond to a messages and remove them from the list when done - almost like a ticket system.

Has anyone done something like this?

Safe swoops

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sangiro: Jul 19, 2006, 9:04 AM
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Re: [sangiro] Contact Editor In reply to
Contact Andy.

It might be only a minor modification to something he's already done. I'm not sure how generalizable it is.

This sort of thing is on my list for the Ultra_Profile system in it's pro form. That will include a full editor system.

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Re: [sangiro] Contact Editor In reply to

Could you post a few more details on what you would like this to include? (PM, or via this post - whatever you want =)).

The easiest solution, would be to email them editors (based on their "Email" value in their lsql_Users entry). I haven't really had much success editing the browser.cgi templates etc (although I havn't looked at them in a while) - so it could be plausible to do a "you have xx messages" waiting for you, kind of system when they log in).


Andy (mod)
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