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Conga line!!! ???
I was thinking about purchaceing Links SQL I was curious how much modding this would take. I am looking for a "conga line" type plugin similar to a script www.krinj.net/misc/conga.php you can see it in action www.op9.net/conga/ . I need a few things added though. His setup is a little rough around the edges as well. I am too thinking about conga lines for sites like www.freeipods.com. I could be wrong but I think those will be the next big wave in advertising.

In setup, you would be able to tell the program how many completed referrals were needed.

Once you have enough completed referrals, it would put you into the completed category. And take you off of the list of people to refer.

I need to be able to have users be able to tell the program if the person actually referred them. If not then the user is deleted from the "Refer this person" list. The person who did not refer - would then have the opportunity to try again.

So basically user looking at his referrals will be able to delete user who said he referred someone, put them into a referral pending category, or completed category.

Any user that keeps on saying he is a referrer and he constantly is being deleted will be put into a cheater category (or something similar - you get the idea).

I would like to be able to show a certain amount of people who to refer configurable by me. I would also like to have the remainder in a queue, so that you can just see their user name and not their referal link.

I would like the person to receive an email once they become linkable on my site. They would be required to update who refers them etc in a certain time period. If they don't then they will be taken off of the list - with an explanation. They would then be put back into the queue once they updated the stats.

All list that will be viewable would be something like "Refer these people", "In Queue", "Try again", "Cheater"

I would like to be able to see # of referrals pending and # of completed offers. I guess out to the side of the link? MAybe in some sort of table...

Am I making any sense? Would Links SQL be able to do this with some sort of plugin or modding?