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Clouds and content extraction

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Clouds and content extraction
I guess most have seen the tag clouds made popular by services such as Flickr, Technorati and others. I have created a tag cloud from GLinks (mentioned before) that does an OK job at presenting the categories, but the "weights" are just based simply on isNew and "many links".

On the page with my tag cloud, I also show a tag cloud generated by TagCloud.com. That cloud is created by doing content extraction on all my XML-feeds from GLinks. Tagcloud.com uses Yahoo's Term Extraction Web Service. There is this Wordpress plugin based on the Yahoo service. Now, is anyone interested in joining forces on creating a similar GLinks plugin?

Another project could be to implement tf-idf weighting (term frequency - inverse document frequency) (definition: wikipedia) directly in GLinks. But I would have absolutely no idea about how to do that.