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Claim link plugin
I have the claim link plugin installed, and its great, but I would like to change it slightly, to make it more user friendly.

At the moment, when a user clicks on the 'claim this link' link, they go immediately to the login page. I understand that the user needs to log in to claim the link. But from a user experience point of view it is not ideal.

What I want is to have a page that explains what link claims involve, and why it is a good idea, and on the same page have a create a log in form.

What I am asking for I suppose is a custom log in page, for the claimlink plugin. Can anyone help? I have some knowledge and can follow 'simple' instructions, but, I am also happy to pay a small fee if someone can do this for me.
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Re: [gtquestions] Claim link plugin In reply to
I don't own claimlink but check whether the login page has a 'from=claimlink' (or something similar) at the end of the url. If it does you can just use <%if from eq 'claimlink'%>Put your explanation in here<%endif%> on the login page.

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Re: [gtquestions] Claim link plugin In reply to
Hi gtquestions, try the following:

Change the claim_form.html template or make up a new custom page to suit your requirements. (claim_custom.html)

Change in your link template
modify.cgi?do=claim;ID=<%ID%>">[ Claim Link ]</a>
page.cgi?p=claim_form;ID=<%ID%>">[ Claim Link Info ]</a>
page.cgi?p=claim_custom;ID=<%ID%>">[ Claim Link Info ]</a>

This will take them to the claim_form.html or custom page and should take the link id with it,
other wise you will need a hidden call like
<input type="hidden" name="ID" value="<%ID%>">

Then on the modified claim_form or custom form make up an accept terms button or similar
and send them to the login with the original call.
modify.cgi?do=claim;ID=<%ID%>">[ Claim Link ]</a>


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Re: [minesite] Claim link plugin In reply to
I have the claim link plugin installed. I would like to change the claimform.htm so that when a user submits a request they are taken to the payment page. At the moment they do not have to go through the payment page, they can just fill in the claim form to claim the link.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: [Gila] Claim link plugin In reply to

who was actually programming this script ?
I am interested in purchasing it.

Please explain me how this plugin works (I can put in a Link as the Admin and if somebody comes along telling me that the link to the webpage is his link, then he puts in additional information ? Do I understand this correctly ?)

Does this plugin work with the latest G-Lins 3.0.x ?

Many thanks,

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Re: [erichcyber] Claim link plugin In reply to
The Plugin is free, get it from the download area.

As support for this plugin, the author won't support his paid plugins.

Have a nice day!

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