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ClaimLink Plugin
A new version (1.0.1) of the ClaimLink plugin is available for download.

New feature:
+ invite people to become the owner of a link when you modify a link (previously this was only possible when adding a link).

The plugin is free. Enjoy!

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Re: [yogi] ClaimLink Plugin In reply to
Very cool plugin Yogi! I've been "priming the pump" so to speak at my new site so your handy plug should make the site owners and my life a bit easier.

Much thanks this helpful free plug you've given the community!
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Re: [yogi] ClaimLink Plugin In reply to
I've just installed Links SQL (a fantastic piece of work!) and a few of its great plug-ins, including this one.

Since the links in my database are all imported, and most of them added to the original database by the admin, there are very few registered users yet. Many, but not all of the records in the database do have an email address.

I would like to be able to send out "email-claim-invite.txt" to all unregistered records in the database which have a known email address, inviting them to register and claim ownership of the link. So basically, an email to all records in the links table where contact_email is not null, and link_claimable is set to "yes".

Since I'm relatively new to perl and mySQL, I'm assuming that some global will need to be written, and called up somehow in a mail template in admin>email >custom lists.

Any ideas on how or if this can be accomplished?

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Re: [ronzo] ClaimLink Plugin In reply to
Sounds like it would be a nice addition to Yogi's ClaimLink plugin Smile

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] ClaimLink Plugin In reply to
Yes, I also think it would be a nice addition. My guess is that there are many new users of Links SQL, such as myself, who started out with a different script, and needed to import their data, meaning that there are a lot of links "not claimed".

In my case I have perhaps several thousand links that fall into this situation, and the "link owners" (well, they don't own the links yet) most likely have no idea that they are listed in the database, or even that the web site exists.

This would be a great way to attract new visitors to the site, as well as create many more potential advertising opportunities...
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Re: [ronzo] ClaimLink Plugin In reply to
Can't you just use the e-mail feature of links - make a selection and send mass mailer?


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Re: [klauslovgreen] ClaimLink Plugin In reply to
I tried that, but unless I'm missing something, the email feature only works with link owners, and I want to mail to those who are not yet link owners.

However I found a solution... in "Admin>Database>SQL Monitor" I ran the following query and saved it to a text file:

SELECT Contact_Email FROM lsql_Links WHERE 1 AND Contact_Email <> "" AND link_claimable = 1 ORDER BY Contact_Email ASC

I then copied and pasted the email addresses from the text file into a custom list at "Admin >Email>Custom Lists"

Seems to work!

One additional note... the default value for link_claimable in this plugin is set to 0 (No). Since I just recently installed Links SQL, I changed the default to 1 (Yes). This saved me a lot of work.
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Re: [ronzo] ClaimLink Plugin In reply to

That was not a very good solution after all... just realized that although the email list generated by the query is correct, there is no correlation between the email address and the link information. So variables such as <%Title%>, <%URL%> etc. listed in email-claim-invite.txt will not appear in the email.
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Re: [yogi] ClaimLink Plugin In reply to
Sup people,

Last night I installed Yogi's ClaimLink Plug, did all the templates and it's working great.

One thing I can't seem to figure out is how to use the owner invite features. Crazy

Under the ClaimLink options it says,

"When adding a link, display an input box where the email of a prospective owner can be given. An email will be sent to address provided, inviting them to become the owner of the link"

email_prospective_owner (Yes,No)

Where exactly can this input box be found???

Do I need to add an additional column email_prospective_owner ???

I thought maybe it was refering to the Contact_Email column so I tried Adding and Modifing records while inserting my own address to see if I was sent the email-claim-invite.txt but no luck.

Thanks a lot for any input on getting the invites sent out to prospective owners.

Also thanks again to Yogi for the awesome plug.

Have a good one!

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Re: [Jonze] ClaimLink Plugin In reply to
You should be able to find this box when you add/modify a user.

This is not available in the "Browser", only in "Database->Add->Link", since currently it is almost impossible to hook into the "Browser" with a plugin.

Could this be the problem?

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Re: [yogi] ClaimLink Plugin In reply to
Yup, that would be it. Sly

I just happened to be modify listings via Database>Modify>Link, but since I was using "modify multiple" the Suggest link owner form wasn't showing up. I should have figured it was something simple I had overlooked.

Just tried it out and it works great.

Thanks so much Yogi! Your an ace.