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Change the category name table

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Change the category name table
I need to change the name of the category table and make it work with Links-SQL. The root of my problem is that I need to use two different languages (spanish and english) for my categories. Only the name of the category is going to be different from one version to another. The rest of the records are identical.

I already created the new table which I called lsql_Category_english
in MySQL. I also populated the data from lsql_Category changing (translating) only the name of the categories.

Afterwards i edited a new 'lsql_Category_english.def' and upload it to my server. Now I ask all of you how can I manage to use this new table 'lsql_Category_english' instead of 'lsql_Category' to work with categories. Any help...?

I also tried to edit the 'lsql_Category.def' to change at the bottom the name of the table where is stored the category information. Below you have a copied:

---------- file: lsql_Category.def -------------------

'subclass' => {
'html' => {
'lsql_Category_english' => 'Links::Category::HTML'
'table' => {
'lsql_Category_english' => 'Links::Category'


I also change according to this the files: 'lsql_CatLinks.def' and 'lsql_CatRelations.def'. Afterwards I run SQL Server from the Admin panel with the option 'load information from tables...? for resync. But this options from the admin panel re-rewrite the file lsql_Category.def that I had manually changed (see above) and destroys my changes. So I fail again :-((

Any solution...?

Thanks in advance from Spain.

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Re: [Toni] Change the category name table In reply to
I think it be much easier to just create a new column, "Name_Spanish" or so, in the existing Category table. If you are using dynamic mode, you can just create two different template sets for the two languages. In static mode, it's more complicated, you would have to build the directory twice using the two different template sets. You would also have to change "build_directory_field" for the building to use the spanish category names.

You might want to contact somebody at GT, as far as I know, they have a plugin for bilingual sites, which might be just what you need. See this thread:

So many things depend on the Category table (i.e. the depend on the category table having the name 'Category'), you would have a hellofa time changing all references to the category table....

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