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Category Structure
In links sql when you insert a link to a category the link get a one detail page, and if you copy the same link to another category links sql still build one details page, so in two categories link sql send you to the same page with the same url path.

The problem that when I copy a link to second category I need that the path to the details page will not change, but in some case it do change.

What I main is if I insert a link like www.mysite.com/1/2/3/car_L10.html
And After this I insert the link to another category the url of the detail page is change in often to the new category to www.mysite.com/3/4/67/car_l0.hrml.

In my case I need the primary category where I insert the link in the first time will not change to something else, is someone know who to do it?
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Re: [nir1] Category Structure In reply to
Detail pages were not meant to be attached to a "category." While there are pros and cons to this, the logic behind a link being in several categories but not *belonging" to any specific category is what was modeled.

GLinks3 allows building detail pages within the category. (or used to)

I think if you have a static site ,and have the build_detailed_format enabled to use the full category name, it will end up there.


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