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Bypassing Links::SiteHTML::display

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Bypassing Links::SiteHTML::display
I'm hacking around with a plugin.

This line:

print Links::SiteHTML::display ('link_deleted');

I would like to direct to a cgi script instead of loading this template as I donít need to use the SiteHTML parser.

How do I do replace that line with this?

/cgi/saved.cgi?msg=link deleted


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Re: [BLOOD] Bypassing Links::SiteHTML::display In reply to
Erm, you don't =)

You have to use GT::Template, or Links::SiteHTML.

However, if you just want to print out a message, you could put something like this in saved.cgi;

if ($IN->param('msg')) {

print $IN->header();
print $IN->param('msg');



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