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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find it now, or find anything by searching. I remotely remember a mod for Links 2.0 which would randomly pick a letter to start a category with instead of always following the order of A, B, C, etc. For example if I do a build this time it will start with the letter C and then build it alphabetically, all they way back through B. The next build it might start with S, and so on and so forth. If anyone can either tell me how I can do this or point me to some instructions it would be appreaciated. This would be for the LSQL version, not 2.0
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OK... this is what I was looking for. I haven't compared Links 2.0 to Links SQL. Is this possible to do with Links SQL?

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If you wanted to do a "random" build, I think there are some threads on a random search order, but not a start-with-a-letter and rotate type discussions.

The most recent version(s) of MySQL supports a "random" parameter to be used in the Order statement, which should do something like what you want.

check out:


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Thanks for the link! The 'rand()' function works great! I just wanted to give everybody the ability to be seen instead of having somebody's site which starts with Z never be seen because they are at the bottom of the list always.

BTW... if anyone is able to make it rotate the listings alpabetically that would be even better!