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Breadcrumb path change
To change the "breadcrumb" link to point to my homepage instead to GLinks created homepage in 2.1.2 version I changed $output = qq| <a href="http://example-URL.com">$top</a> in build.pm.

I can't find it in build.pm in version 3.0.4.

What would be the best way to do this in this version.
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Re: [Z] Breadcrumb path change In reply to
It is around line 1080 in build_title_linked.
To change the $top category name, just edit the language.txt and set LINKS_TOP text to whatever you want.

But I'm not sure you really want to touch the core LSQL code... Brrrrr.

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Re: [webmaster33] Breadcrumb path change In reply to
Thank you. I changed it in Build.pm in build_title_linked at line 1080.
It worked great. Smile