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I have a few questions about the bookmarks function:

1. I would like to show the user's name, not the username on the bookmark pages. I suppose I need a global of sorts? Any help appreciated.

2. The breadcrumb in bookmark pages says "Bookmarks". Can I customise this?

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Re: [gotze] Bookmarks In reply to
Hmm. I just realised that the second question is rather stupid - the breadcrumb is irrelevant (can be handmade just as well).
Anyway, I have wondered how the breadcrumb function works ... which types of links can be made, for example?
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Re: [gotze] Bookmarks In reply to
The various options are explained in admin/links/Utils.pm:

sub format_title {
# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# Format a title
# Options:
# separator (required)
# The separator used to join the items.
# no_escape_separator
# Set this to a true value if you do not wish to HTML escape the separator.
# include_home
# Whether or not to include Home as the first entry. Default is no.
# link_type
# How the items should be linked:
# 0: No items linked
# 1: All items linked separately
# 2: All except the last item linked separately
# 3: All items linked as one single link (using the last item's URL)
# no_span
# Don't add the span tags around the last portion of the title. Default is to include the span tags.

You will find various example through the templates - the crumb links will look something like this (line breaks added by me):

<div class="crumb">
<%Links::Utils::format_title($main_title_loop, separator =>
$crumb_separator, no_escape_separator => $no_escape_crumb_separator,
include_home => 0, link_type => 2)%>

This format might not suit every template depending on how you want to customise your site. It does give you a good range of options though.