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Bookmarks - Edit bookmark

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Bookmarks - Edit bookmark
In the template bookmark_link_edit.html there is the following code:

<%~if Folders.length == 1%>
<input type="hidden" name="my_folder_id_fk" value="<%escape_html Folders.0.my_folder_id%>" /><%Folders.0.my_folder_name%>
<select id="my_folder_id_fk" name="my_folder_id_fk">
<%loop Folders%><option value="<%escape_html my_folder_id%>"<%if my_folder_default%> selected="selected"<%endif%>><%my_folder_name%></option><%endloop%>

I believe that it is supposed to allow user to move link to another folder, but it doesn't work.

Only comment will be edited, but the link will stay in the current folder.
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Re: [Payooo] Bookmarks - Edit bookmark In reply to
I have put up an update to fix this issue.