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Big What Plugin
Hi, I just went to install the BigWhat plugin, but can't bring up BigWhat.... this may sounds really stupid, but www.bigwhat.com does not come up for me either. Do they have a new address, do they still exist?
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Re: [sooke] Big What Plugin In reply to

Yes, sadly the plugin no longer works as the site isn't active. If any PPC system out there would like me to update the plugin to work with their system, just contact me via email with details.


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Re: [Alex] Big What Plugin In reply to
Thanks Alex, that explains it! I was hoping to turn my site into a ppc once I can afford the plugin, but I liked the idea of getting results from somewhere else if nothing is returned in our own search, problem in my case is I need something which returns Canadian content only... unless I put something which allows the user to search either Canadian or worldwide like yahoo and so many others do.... hmm, thinking aloud here.