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Bad_link.cgi problem

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Re: [Dan Kaplan] Bad_link.cgi problem In reply to
I'll check on that...it's probably got the table name hard coded somewhere, but yes, it doesn't email the admin, since if you get hit by a determined robot, it can be a mess.

I really haven't figured out a good way to prevent that, short of using some sort of "confirmation code" but anything too complex, and people won't report links.

This could definitely be "improved" by having the bad link report actually go check the status of the link, set the status flag, and "deactivate" the link if it's got a bad status. Can't assume a "good status" is really a good link, since if someone reported it, perhaps the ownership changed, and the content is not what was advertised previously.

This was a hack, and a first step widget to a more robust reporting system, but until recently, 90% of my links were internal, and the only reporting I needed was if a link broke for some reason -- bad sector, corrupt file, etc.

I'll probably start modifying things as my site-needs have expanded somewhat.

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