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Bad columns / column clash.

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Bad columns / column clash.
Hi there Smile,

I wrote a very simple DB statement, that will fetch 5 rows from the database where link_id_fk = 31322.
When I tried to run the code, the following error messages was displayed:

GT::SQL::Relation (24222): Bad columns / column clash: columns named 'link_id_fk' have
been found in current relation, please qualify your expression at /path/to/admin/root/Common.pm line 93.

All I would like to know is, what does this error mean? I have looked on the internet doing a full text
search using Google, but the only results are Newspaper columns Unsure

I will try my best to add more information about this error as you request it. At the moment I'm more
concerned about the meaning of the error, than a solution...

Thank you for your help Wink

Sacrifice is not about what you lose,
it is about what you gain in the process.
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