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Bad Link Bug
I am not sure if others have noticed this too.. or it just me.. when I click on "Report Bad Link" it takes me to the appropriate page, but intead of showing the page properly, it shows me the source code of the page.

Example Link :: http://www.needscripts.com/...ad_link.cgi?ID=12666
Browser Used :: IE 6

Can someone please help.


Need Scripts

******* update *******
I notice that the only time I am seeing the source code, is when I am using Privacy Setting on Zone Alarm firewall. Now if I were to diable this feature, then the page load properly.. I was wondering if there is a way around it, becuase I am sure there are tons of people using Zone Alarm and I would not like to ignore that group of audience.

Thanks for the help.


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Re: [Paul] Bad Link Bug In reply to

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the help and URL, and it seems like it is working now :) However there is still a problem.

Now the page loads and everything is being shown properly, except on the top of the page it shows all the link property fields and their values, and after these info the page content is being shown.

Here is an example :: http://www.needscripts.com/...bad_link.cgi?ID=2220

If you want, then let me know and I will take a screen shot and put a link here.

Thanks, and all the help is appreciated.

Vishal Thakkar