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Backup Directory
I've found that during a plugin install, sometimes I need to modify some existing files, and if the plugin is uninstalled they should be restored back to their original state.

A perfect example is the MyLinksNG plugin. I have the a modified LINK.HTML that includes a 'Add to My Links' link after the rate it link.

To do a full uninstall, this would have to be removed...

So what I've been doing is checking for a Plugins/Backup directory during the install. If it doesn't exist, create it, then move originals of anything I'm changing in there.

During the uninstall, I reverse the process.

Is there anything already in the plugin system for this? Anyone see a better way to handle this?

If not, maybe we should all agree on a directory for backup files changed during a plugin install. We sure don't need backup directories created allover the place...

I like /Plugins/Backup/PLUGINNAME....


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