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BUG: auth_w3t templates?

I just setup a new site, using the standard default GT templates.

I haven't altered anything, and I know to go to w3t, log in, and then
go to the links database and try to add/modify something.

I'm being presented with the logon-screen, and have to log-in, although
the username/password has been autocreated properly.

Is this a template problem? I figured that doing it that way, I should
be taken right to the add.html or upload.html screen.

I know the [login] menu option should point to w3t, just bypass logon.html

This is working with my custom template sets, but I can't figure out what
is going on -- and I'd like to, rather than just making it work.

Maybe the instructions should include the template changes, or maybe a new copy of logon.html?

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