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Attachment Plugin Cleanup

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Attachment Plugin Cleanup
Hi, I am using the attachment plugin from Yogi, and I am confused, it seems that when a link is deleted, the attachments are not. Yogi, can you confirm this? I can't even find the actual attachments (they are uploaded in cgi-bin) because they are bruried in folders upon folders... But, I'd like to clean up the attachments that are no longer being actuively used. How? (eating up disk space)


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Evoir: Oct 14, 2003, 1:12 PM
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Re: [Evoir] Attachment Plugin Cleanup In reply to
Attachments should be deleted when a link is deleted. The plugin is designed to handle this, and I just confirmed that they are really being deleted in my testing installation.

Are you sure that the attachments are not being deleted?

Some information that might help you in finding out what's wrong:

The 'LinkAttachment' table holds the information about the attachments. The link ID's of the attachments are stored in the column 'link_id_fk'. The ID of an attachment is stored in the column 'linkatt_id'. The actual attachment is saved in the folder you specified, then 'link', then the last digit of a linkatt_id, then the actual filename is the linkatt_id ( (so linkatt_id 987 would be stored as 'link/7/987', linkatt_id 9345 would be stored as 'link/5/9345').

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Re: [yogi] Attachment Plugin Cleanup In reply to
Ok, just to complicate things, all the attachments are associated with one link, and get deleted and added to that link. Are they actually deleted from the server at that point, or does the link itself need to be removed in order for the attachments to be deleted?

All I know is that my cgi-bin has 85 megs of data in it, and this is the only thing I can think of... I'll dig around in the database in a while, I just don't have the time right yet.

Thanks for replying so quickly!

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Evoir: Oct 14, 2003, 2:44 PM