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Another Dilema
I have for my Categories Store A, Store B, Store C, Store D, Store E, Store F,....... so on my home page i have the Category names listed as

Store A Store D
Store B Store E
Store C Store F

and I have links in each Store, but all my Stores can belong to other departments

Store A and C belong to Department A
Store A B and C belong to Department B
Store E belong to Department C
Store D and F belong to Department D........

How do I create another set of Categories which are NOT subcategories so I can have the categories also under Departments and have say Link ID number 1 be under Store A and then Department A

I do not want subcategories because I do not want this http://ww.mydomain/DepartmentA/StoreA/

I want http://www.mydomain/DeaprtmentA/
as well as

and then have a link like, http://www.mydomain/cgi-bin/jump.cgi?ID=1
be under both directories