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Andy - plugin errors
Hi Andy,

With regards to your plugin errors I mentioned - I installed some plugins and here are the issues so far:

1) AJAX image upload - gives an error (when the images are uploading) the progress bar with grey background turns to pink and then after 100% shows an error.

2) Plugins that use your paypal.pm file such as prioritylisting, featuredslot, ace_ppc (I don't know which other) give an error when the paypal button is clicked. I think this is old as I see a old paypal button image and I am sure paypal has changed some things.

3) searchsuggestions, editcase and deletedold plugins are missing install.pm files in the tar and could not install.

4) One (or more) of your plugins seem to have added a bunch of columns to the links table as follows that do not look like they are needed or are used for the plugin to work - I uploaded several plugins to test and don't know which one did this. Would these columns be created via the install.pm of the plugins? I went through some install.pm files to see which one did this but not able to figure out. May be you can recognize from the columns below which one is the culprit. If I just pull links table from MySqlman and "drop" will that cause any harm to the database? All longtext with null values.

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Re: [socrates] Andy - plugin errors In reply to

You may be better to email me on andy@ultranerds.co.uk, as I will need access to have a look at these for you.

Is this on a fresh install? What versions of the plugins are you using? Some of the older ones don't work if they are from the 2.x versions, as 3.x changed the way the plugins work

If I just pull links table from MySqlman and "drop" will that cause any harm to the database? All longtext with null values.

NEVER delete directly in mysqlman. If you are going to delete them, you need to do it via Database > Links > Properties , then at the bottom of the page there is a "Delete" function to remove the column properly. If you try and remove them just in mySQLMan, then they will still remain in the .def files, and cause you all kinds of issues


Andy (mod)
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