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Hey Everyone,

I am looking for a completed Amazon.Com affilliate feed or plugin where I can re-create all of the Amazon.com categories and products. Once the product is displayed on my site there will be a link to that product to buy it at amazon using my affilliate ID. Let me know if you have built it or would like to build it. Thanks
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Excellent! Thanks so much for your suggestion! Now to have someone install it into LSQL and use static mode will be another story :) Thanks again!
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There is no need to do that. Actually this script is very good and you can make it look static with some rewrite rules. You can look at the forum at mrrats page or for example at this page

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That's a pretty neat script. It would be a neat little job to convert it to GT's template parser, and fully integrate it into the template system via page.cgi and/or globals.

The GPL license creates somewhat of a problem, but a full rewrite is probably in order anyway. GPL is a problem, that has been addressed in later licenses.

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Here is the global I use with this script for LSQL searches

sub {
my $tags = shift; # available tags
my $string;
if($tags->{category_name_escaped}) {
$string = $tags->{category_name_escaped};
elsif($tags->{term}) {
$string = $tags->{term};
$string =~ s/%2F/ /g;
my $maxchars = 25; # this value may be modified for desired results
until(length($string) <= $maxchars) {
my @words = split(/\s/, $string);
$string = join(" ", @words);
$string =~ s/ /\%20/g;
$string =~ s/\+/\%20/g;
return $string;

I place this is the search results teamplae where I want the results

<script src="http://rcm.amazon.com/...liate id&<%if category_id or query%>l=st1&search=<%amazon_term%>&mode=books&p=14&o=1<%else%>p=14&o=1&l=bn1&browse=1000&mode=books<%endif%>" type="text/JavaScript"></script>

Thought you might find this useful

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Re: [ccunet] Amazon.Com In reply to
This looks nice.
Thank you for sharing it


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