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Alternate search plugin
I had some one develop a plugin that gives alternate results from Searchvoyage.com. But since he did not know what he was doing it never worked.

What I want is a plugin to replace bigwhat.com. Everything the same. When plugin downloads they must go to searchvoyage.com and get username for plugin to work.

The pull code from sv is http://www.searchvoyage.com/cgi-bin/voyage/include.cgi?keywords=MY_KEYWORDS&username=username&db=1

my_keywords must be seperated by a "+" sign in order to correctly.

Username is replaced by the searchvoyage username you got when signing up

Most of the work is done just need the code to be pulled correctly.

Also the affiliate will be set up to give 40% of the bidded amount. Most other affiliate programs pay to a max of $0.10. SV does not. They give a true 40% payout

I included the file that was done for me.
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Re: [lisurfer] Alternate search plugin In reply to
Just came across this thread whilst searching :) I have a plugin called SearchFeed_Results, which can be found in this forum, and hopefully soon in the download area. That should do pretty much what you want, but obviously with a different engine.

Andy (mod)
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