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Allposters import site
I've set up another Allposters import site, using Andy's plugins. The difference is a completely modified template set, and two-column (or more) links listings.


Right now, only the 2-column listing is visible to people, but I will set it up so if you log-in, you'll see a different layout on random pages. Maybe every 3rd page will show the multiple panes. This was originally developed for my SQLImage Gallery, but works really well for shopping sites, or any site where the main link item is an image.

Note the home page, shows different versions of the "included" random link, on page reloads, depending on odd/even LinkID.

The two column links ability will hopefully be released as a plugin, and should really only require a copy of a .pm file to the Plugins directory, and some new templates, rather than a full install. It will be packaged as a plugin, for convenience, but it has no hooks, or menu options at this time.

for more details see the note I posted in the UltraNerds forum

I've spent what I could of my summer working on things, and will releasing small utilities, upgrades, add ins, and such as I clean them up, and have a *lot* coming. Also, some major programs, hopefully still in time for the holidays, though I did miss the mid-september window.

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