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Ajax for categories
Hi all, hi Andy,
is there an ajax-based solution for pass a category?

Level one: Afrika, Asia, South-America, North-Amerika, Europe, Australia
Level two: Countries
Level three: Cities


Probably there is a ready script somewhere that i have to feed with data from my Category table.
Means that i dont need a finished thing for lsql, i just need a script (if possible without jquery or a framework) that runs with all needed browsers and that i can feed for myself from my tables.
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Re: [Robert] Ajax for categories In reply to

GLinks itself has an AJAX category selection option in it. I have also written something for a client, that is a custom AJAX selector. They are a bit of a PITA to write (and this one used jQuery). I could certainly do it as a custom job for you if you wanted. Please email/PM me if you're interested :)


Andy (mod)
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