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Adverts Plugin - currently performing maintenance

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Adverts Plugin - currently performing maintenance

I am sure Andy can answer this but I thought I'd post it here in case anyone else is experiencing this problem.

I recently installed the Adverts Plugin and have the following problem.

When I select the various menu options in the Plugin Manager eg. ReadMe, I get the message 'currently performing maintenance'. I get this for each of the menu options.

Anyone got any ideas?


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Re: [Clint] Adverts Plugin - currently performing maintenance In reply to

Is this my Adverts plugin? It sounds a bit like you are missing a Perl module, but instead of giving a helpful error message, Apache is giving a custom 500 Error Code page. If you want to email over details I'll take a look (ideally SSH, so I can try running it from SSH to see what the error is)


Andy (mod)
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