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Admin Password Problem

I just installed GLinks 3.2.0 and set the password for the admin directory. Once I log into the admin directory, I am being required to re-enter my password for each and every link that I click within the admin control panel.

This is getting to be quite annoying. Is there something that can be done so that once I am logged into admin I don't have to keep entering my password?

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Ooops! My mistake. In reply to
Duh. Two mistakes in one. First, sorry about posting to the wrong forum. My mouse did it (always blame the mouse).

Second, I figured out why I was being required to constantly reenter my password - the mouse screwed up my htaccess file.

Bad mouse!Crazy

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Re: [blueaegis] Ooops! My mistake. In reply to
Good old technology Tongue Great when it works - but a bugger when it doesn't :D

Andy (mod)
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