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Adcyle plugin problems
Hi, I'm not sure who to contact but we are having some major adcycle useability issues...

Has anybody encountered/solved any of these problems?

-Adcycle code doesn't pass in width and height of banner and so shows up as a small dash

-Adcycle doesn't detect previously deleted groups and so has some wrong data in it's database

-How to make the link-banner border be invisible (border="0")

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Re: [scorpioncapital] Adcyle plugin problems In reply to
What is the source code output from Adcycle? Are the width="" and height="" values empty? Never seem this before.

>>>-How to make the link-banner border be invisible (border="0") <<<

Mmm.. not sure. Isn't it a setting you can change for each banner?

Are you using SSI, IFRAMES/Javascript or Hard code adverts?


Andy (mod)
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Re: [scorpioncapital] Adcyle plugin problems In reply to
To change the borders goto you LSQL admin/Plugins/Adcycle.pm

there you find someting like:

<!-- START ADCYCLE STANDARD CODE for Bottom of Homepage-->
<a href="$cfg->{cgi_url}/adclick.cgi?manager=shop-netz.de&gid=$gid&${layout}id=$uid" target="$cfg->{target}"><img src="$cfg->{cgi_url}/adcycle.cgi?gid=$gid&${layout}id=$uid" width=$sizes->{WIDTH} height=$sizes->{HEIGHT} border=0 ALT="Shop-Netz Shopping Shop -Werbepartner"></a>

Change the border to zero like me above. I think you have to change it three times. Just have a look in Adcycle.pm for <!--Start Adcycle Standard.....-->


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Re: [ManuGermany] Adcyle plugin problems In reply to
I did this and still shows a border, adcycle is very weird :)