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Adcycle Category Banners
Hi, I have looked trough other posts but i canīt seem to find an answer. I have setup a group in Adcycle & established itīs relation in the Admin panel with a category, then inserted the code into category.html. The category the banner is related to works fine but all the other categories of the links sql display a little dot that links to a different page. Does this mean that i have to setup a banner for each category of links sql to solve this problem (it is the only way that i can figure it out)ŋ?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Adcycle Category Banners In reply to
The dot problem was because a had to edit the Adcycle plugin in the admin panel to match the default display group. Now, if i go into a category that doesnīt have a banner related to it it displays the banner in the "default" group. Now my question is, - Is it possible "only" to make banners appear on the category i have made a relation to? or by using the category banners option i have to have banners on all the categories?