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AdCycle problem
I just installed AdCycle to my site. I'm looking at running HTML Ads, just right above the regular links, similar to Google. Anyway, I thought I'd followed the directions pretty carefully. I'm trying to add these 100% width x 40 pixel text-based banners but can't seem to get it to work on the sub-category pages. I inserted <%Plugins::Adcycle::display_category_banner%> on my category.html template. Check out http://www.ohiobiz.com/linkssql2/page.cgi?g=Computers___Internet/Web_Development/index.html&d=1 and you'll see that I have just a little "dot" where the banner is supposed to be located. Do any of you know why I'm not able to display the banner. I even get "impressions" recorded but absolutely no banner is displayed on the page.

Thanks a lot.

Mark Geyman