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AdCycle Plugin
hi, i am just trying to configurate LinksSQL2.0.3 and the AdCycle - Plugin for the new Version of my german shopping portal.

but i have a problem. i want to display in each category a full-sized and a half-sized banner, but different ones for each category. i don't know how to manage.

maybe there is someone who can help me.

many thanx


P.S.: i think it is possible to manage via the category header tag and <%Plugins::display_banner('groupnumber')%>-tag.
But unfortunately if i try this i got two new problems :
1. i have defined to banner-formats in adcycle (468x60 and 234x60Pixels) but the plugin sets the width of both to 468Pixels. i don not kow why and how to fix it.

2. in my category.html-template i have the tag <%include header.txt%> but if i define a header in the textbox of my category-admin, still the original header.txt is used and not beeing replaced by the category-specific one.

why ? please help ?

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Re: AdCycle Plugin In reply to
I haven't gotten my hands on this one yet. So I'm not sure how the plug-in works with adcycle.

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Re: AdCycle Plugin In reply to

This will be possible in the next version which should be out monday (as AdCycle 1.15 will be out this weekend).



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