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AdCycle Disconnect bug?
Since I installed the AdCycle plug-in on my Server, my log files are filled with thousands of:

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Issuing rollback() for database handle being DESTROY'd without explicit disconnect() at /home/sstreams/www/cgi-bin/links/admin/GT/Template.pm line 959.
I have identified at least one case generating these messages. When Links SQL is in dynamic mode (pages displayed by page.cgi) one "Issuing rollback()" is put in the log file for every banner on the page.

I also get the same messages when the directory is build by cron but not when it is build manually from the admin panel.

Since I did not tweak the code, I guess that there is something rough in the way the plug-in gets access to the AdCycle database. Should a disconnect function be added somewhere.

I upgraded to 2.3 yesterday to see if this was corrected but it is not.

Your help is very much appreciated.

PS: Beside this problem the plug-in is great.