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A couple Questions
First one,
I am building a site that has about 6 top-level catagories, then about 6 second level catagories, and about 70 third level catagories, so my question is, is there a way other than just doing it by hand to say copy one set of the already created third-level catagories across so that each will have the same third level catagories, but not having to enter them 2000 times, the site is planned to be like http://www.hotscripts.com so it needs to have a lot of sub-catagories, although most have the same name, Any ideas?

Another feature Hotscripts has that I really like is that in order to add a listing you need to go to the catagory it will be in and then click the add listing link, then you login, and the catagory is selected, and not changeable, unless you dont submit the link and go to the correct catagory, any Idea how that is done, and if it would be difficult to implement?
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Re: [aventixllc] A couple Questions In reply to
For the second question, you just need to go to admin->setup->build options and set db_gen_category_list to No. The only problem with this is that you then don't get the drop-down categories in admin either so you need to remember all your category names. There is a post somewhere in the forum explaining the hack needed to get the dropdown working in admin if you still need it (try a search for db_gen_category_list).