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ARGH.. mod_perl...
Hi guys. Got a problem :/

I'm trying to get mod_perl to work with my plugins (some servers don't seem to like running mod_perl alongside them Unimpressed).

I've tried the reset_env() stuff, which (in previous versions), should clear out old settings, and reimport the passed in options etc.

However, I'm still having problems :|


The ID you sent already seems to be on your list of favorites...160376 = 160376

Now... I may be just stupid ... but shouldn't it read;

The ID you sent already seems to be on your list of favorites...160397 = 160397

The above is outputted from the script via;

print "$_ = $ID";

$_ is the loop of @split, which is a sliced up array of the current cookie ID listings.

The most annoying part, is that it works once you refresh the page! (i.e it adds the favorite ok).

Anyone got any ideas? I've been banging my head over this all weekend Frown


Andy (mod)
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