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[ UPDATE ] User_Edit_Profile 1.2 (LSQL 2.2.x)

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[ UPDATE ] User_Edit_Profile 1.2 (LSQL 2.2.x)

I've just uploaded the latest version of User_Edit_Profile to the Members Area (on our site).

This new version has several fixes/additions;

1) You can now use checkboxes/select/textarea/radio buttons.
2) Ability to build the above field types via a simple tag, i.e; <%Plugins::User_Edit_Profile::FormatCheckboxes('Field_Name',$Field_Name)%>
3) Added a password fix, which means that if they enter < 4 charachters for a password, then it won't update it for them (as its not a secure password).

For those of you who are using 1.1, I would recommend backing up your user_profile.html and user_profile_success.html templates locally, and then installing version 1.2. This should also update profile.cgi into v1.2.

Enjoy Smile


Andy (mod)
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