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[ UPDATE ] Recommend_It v2.0

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[ UPDATE ] Recommend_It v2.0
I had a request from a client to put a few extra features into the Recommend_It plugin, originally written by Pugdog. I decided it would probably be easier to re-write the whole thing, as both pugdog and myself have quite different coding styles :)

The main features are;

+ Template based
+ Basic stats on people being refered (IP/date/name/email/sender details)
+ You can pass pretty much anything into the plugin via hidden values, or form input fields (i.e a user defined subject, message, etc)
+ Ability to send in plain or HTML format (2 different mailing templates)
+ Option to 'purge' all stats that have been saved previously (instead of manually having to clean out the table).
+ You can decide if the visitors need to be logged in before they can recommend a link (recommended setting is 'yes', otherwise people may abuse the service).

You can find the new version attached (I'll be updating the file that you can download from your admin panel pretty soon too).


Andy (mod)
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