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[ NEW PLUGIN ] RequireLinkUpdate v1

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[ NEW PLUGIN ] RequireLinkUpdate v1

I'm pleased to announce the release of RequireLinkUpdate.

Details: http://www.ultranerds.com/...uireLinkUpdate_L274/


This plugin lets you email users xx days after their link was last modified, to make sure they re-activate it. This is mainly for "adult" based sites, where you have loads of galleries in your database, which tend to go "sour" and out-of-date after a little while. So with this plugin, you can email the link owner - and then all they have to do, is click a link in the email to go to modify.cgi, and update their listing (even if they don't make any changes!), and then this will keep the link active for another xx days. If they fail to update the link after another xx days, it will set it to isValidated => No, so the admin can manually check it (to see if its still live etc)

Price: $40

This plugin is also available in the ULTRA Package, and ULTRA Package PRO.


Andy (mod)
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