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[ NEW PLUGIN ] Overture_Links

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[ NEW PLUGIN ] Overture_Links

Overture_Links - v1
Author: Andy Newby

Do you have quite a high amount of traffic, and have been accepted by Overture (formerly goto.com) to use their XML feed? If so, this plugin has the potential to earn you $$$'s!

Availability: Requires Purchasing
Price: $50 - << BUY >>
Links SQL Version Required: 2.1.2


  • Links SQL 2.1+

  • An Overture.com affiliate XML feed account.


This plugin enables you to put targeted Overture links on your site. Its totally template based, so you can fit it into your templates with ease. You have several options. You can run it via search_results.html, passing the 'query' along to the feed URL, and then if it finds any results, it will use the overture template, and pass back the results. You have access to all the variables, such as Bid Amount, URL, Real Link URL, Title, Description, etc. You need an Overture partner account to use this plugin!

If you already own my 'Bulk Package', then you can download this from your accounts area now ( http://new.linkssql.net/page.php?page=account ).

The new PRO package ( http://new.linkssql.net/...=special_package#pro ) also contains this plugin, or it can be purchased seperatly (link in this thread, or via http://new.linkssql.net/...;page=Overture_Links ).


Andy (mod)
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