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[ NEW PLUGIN ] Mirage_XML_Results v1 (free)

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[ NEW PLUGIN ] Mirage_XML_Results v1 (free)
Hi guys and gals. I had someone request a plugin to grab Mirago.co.uk search results (like BidFeed and SearchFeed), but they are UK targeted adverts (and thus a higher CTR, as they should have more interest to the sites visitors).

This is a FREE plugin. I'll be putting it up on the site a bit later on today.

In the mean time, you can download it from this thread.

This wasn't much of a fun plugin to write (just ask Aki). I ended up having to re-write it 3 times to get it to work properly :(

Please note : This is a LSQL 2.2.0+ version plugin. It will CATEGORICALLY NOT work on anything less. Just so you know :)



Andy (mod)
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Andy: Jul 21, 2004, 6:06 AM
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Re: [Andy] [ NEW PLUGIN ] Mirage_XML_Results v1 (free) In reply to
Nice one, Andy!
I'm not in the UK, so it's not for me.
I would however be very interested in a hack of it to integrate general RSS feeds.