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[ NEW PLUGIN ] Admin Multi-Add plugin

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[ NEW PLUGIN ] Admin Multi-Add plugin
Description: The 'Admin_MultiAdd' plugin can import records to Links SQL from a flat text database file.
It is a "record by record" importer, which is capable to import even those flat text databases, which have different number of fields & different (mixed) order of fields. The input flat text database format can be almost any kind. The fields can be separated with changeable string delimiter, as well the row delimiters, too.
The import process is done manually in more steps, visually assigning data to fields, accepting each record one by one. That way you have full control over the import process. The admin can assign any input text to any field, this way making possible to import data from a text file which has not the same number of fields in all rows.

  1. Upload flat text database file you want to import
  2. 1 by 1 record import in 2 steps (thus you have full control over the import process)
  3. Select input data for each field (in Step 1)
  4. 'Skip/Delete' button, to skip a record (and actually delete it from import file) (in Step 1)
  5. Skipped/Deleted records are logged into a text file, so they can be reused again, if they were skipped/deleted accidentally (in Step 1)
  6. Assign record to an available Links SQL category (in Step 1)
  7. Makes possible to fill unassigned fields manually (in Step 2)
  8. Each record in flat text database can have different number & order of fields. Each field data which was read from flat text file, data can be assigned to any of current LinksSQL database fields.
  9. Successfully added records are logged into a text file for later review.
  10. Comment lines, empty lines are also allowed in flat text files. They are automatically ignored.
  11. Options:
    • Delimiter option: Delimiter used in flat text file
    • cols2ignore: specifies, that which system fields are not allowed to assign imported data to them
    • AutoValidate option: to automatically set link validation to Yes for each imported link.
    • Allow_Input_Data_Change option: to allow to modify the selected input data
    • Debug_mode: allows to display debugging info

More Features planned: if requested, 1 step automatic import will be implemented, where there is no 1 by 1 record confirmation, just setting flat text database format (fields) at the beginning, then all records are imported in 1 step.

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Version: v1.04beta1

Tested with: Links SQL v2.1.2 (but should work with v2.2.0, too)

Development status: Finished. (but remains beta until it's widely tested)

Release info: Finished on 2004-03-26. Public release 2004-09-26.

Licence: Commercial

Price: $55

Order here: Buy through Share-it

If you have questions, comments, suggestions about the plugin, let me know.
If you want to buy the plugin, you can buy directly through Share-it or if you have pre-sales questions, contact me through Private Message.

Best regards,

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