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[UPDATE ] Hotel SQL v3

I'm please to announce, the release of HotelSQL - for GLinks 3.x.

I've lowered the price, as I think the $500 price tag was putting people off. The new price is $300 (this requires you to have a copy of GLinks already). If you don't have a copy of GLinks, then package deals are also available.

Screenshots of this new version are available from the above URL.

Setting up and running HotelSQL couldn't be much simpler.

1) Install 4 plugins - which setup the database, templtes, and some other bits.
2) Update the "affiliate username" you have for your IAN.com account
3) Run run_update.cgi from SSH, and voila =)
4) Once run_update.cgi has finished, you should have a full copy of the IAN.com database in your GLinks install.

NOTE: Due to the huge template changes / database changes etc that are needed to make this work - we highly recommend using a FRESH GLinks installation, so you don't have to make lots of changes to your directory installation.

Setup is included, and if you have any questions - please let me know.

I'm also gonna be working on ImageSQL tomorrow (I've already done the design stuff for "luna" on this program, but just need to package it up, and fix up a few design issues =))


Andy (mod)
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