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[UPDATED] Users Plug in V 1.02

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Re: [katabd] [UPDATED] Users Plug in V 1.02 In reply to
OK, I just purchased this plugin which is supposed to be version 1.05 but in the plugin download area is version 1.0. Also, the documention was not complete. Where can I download the latest version of this plugin???

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Re: [mgeyman] [UPDATED] Users Plug in V 1.02 In reply to

That was a typo error.

The newest release is online at the plug in area, Version 1.5

Also the help area have been tested to have the full information loaded.

Users plug In - Multi Search And Remote Search plug in - WebRing plug in - Muslims Directory
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Re: [katabd] [UPDATED] Users Plug in V 1.02 In reply to
OK, I deleted the previous plugin version and re-loaded v1.5.

This is what I now get on the Help page, is this correct?

RSS_New Plugin Help

Table of Content

Setting up the HTML


Welcome to the User Plugin. This plug-in for your Links SQL installation will allow user modify their information.


Upon installation of the User Plugin, the setup is already almost complete. All the required files have been copied to the proper places and only a few changes must be made before the system is fully online.

Setting up the HTML[/url]

To use this plug-in, the templates files, user_modify.html, user_modify_success.html must be edited.

Please go to the plugin option to set the required fields that user must be provide when make the changes.

Thanks for using our plug in.



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