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[UPDATED] Updated my_ratings.cgi

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[UPDATED] Updated my_ratings.cgi
I took a break to figure out why some templates weren't aligned right, and in the process I updated the my_ratings.cgi script and module. What it does is track user votes/ratings and the distribution for each link.

Check it out at http://www.betterbeads.com

You can join, and rate a resource and see how the ratings change.

It's *not* a plugin, at least not yet. It's a mix of a calling script, a module put into Links::User and a template global (and two new tables). I'm not sure I want to make it a plugin, because it would have to have write access to Links::User, which is not "normal".

I'm trying to remember why I did it that way.... <G> But I think it had to do with something Links was doing. (maybe I did it because it really just overrides the ratings.cgi script, hooks and all, and I wasn't sure if the calling conventions would change....)

Because it does play by the rules, sort of, it should survive an upgrade, since Links doesn't remove any files it doesn't know about, it just overwrites it's own libraries.

I'm picking up a bit of steam, and maybe will even tackle the upload programs soon :)

Check it out, at the above URL, but this is not a script to be installed unless you know a bit about Links and your OS. I'm thinking of something like $15 without installation, $25 with, after it gets a bit of feedback. I'm sure it still needs some tweaking, like adding in foreign key relations to the Link ID.

For what it does, the "costs" to turn it into a plugin, with "nice" features are way too high. It also doesn't use the plugin system, so to make changes to it's look/feel you need to edit your templates and/or the template global subroutines to change the output (embedded HTML).

It's not hard (installing it is a bit tricky, that's all), but because this may be only a part of a larger program, I'm not going to put it into a polished plugin in, anytime soon, if at all.

It does what it has to, the way it is.

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