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[UPDATED] AlphaBar.pm 07.01.50

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[UPDATED] AlphaBar.pm 07.01.50
This little plug-in has been updated to handle start-of-word and true-substring searches.

It's really made to work on short, (one word) fields, the "test" was my domains site http://pugdog.com/domains

You can enter a word like 'flower' and it will find all words that start with 'flower' or which contain 'flower' like:

flowers, sunflowers, flowerchild, etc.

The search is term% or %term%, so it will find "fields" starting with, or containing, not really "words". This means you can alphabetize URL, or Title.

You can test it out on the site, it should be fully functional. It only searches domain names. I have a new site in the works, that will have a much advanced search, including the return of "groups" which is an essential feature for the Image Gallery plugin, and might be needed on the Reviews plugin too, so I'm not sure the the "other" search boxes work <G> The first page does, I know.

The _only_ real change to using this is adding a few "hidden" fields to the search, that the plug-in uses to determine if it's standard search, or a "alpha" search. If you are already using this, you'll have to change your search code just a bit. I'm now using the "query" field to pick out the search string, and using "Alpha_Bar" as the flag to send to the plug-in.

This makes it easier for new installations, but it means changing the "hidden" fields, and the TEXT field on existingg installs of this. (It works better!!).

This started out to be an "alpha bar" which is why the naming. You can use it for an alpha bar, with some html/template work, since it will search on first characters, like "a".

BTW: The debug code was removed in the downloadable code. It still shows up on my site, because I'm still trying to add features.

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