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[UPDATE] Stuff 2
The past few days have been a nice surprise! An unusual # of registrations, and for some of the 'shareware' items too! Just the type of encouragement I need to keep working on the next generation mods :)

I did miss a few notifications during my mail problems, so I'm catching up with you now. If you don't hear from me today, and you've ordered something, just drop me a note. Sorry about the delays, but on-line ordering isn't perfect (actually, far from it!).

I'm hoping the next release of Links will have all the updated <%loop%> templates, and such, will greatly reduce the level of complexity of the multiple file upload -- which is really close to being done! Mostly template work, and minor "state" bugs. I'm trying to make as few "nonstandard" changes as possible, so the more "standard" things built into links, the better.

Once the multiple attachments are working, I'll add in the various type checking, and extra template sets for the image gallery mod.

This has taken longer than I expected (for a number of personal as well as code reasons), but it's also leaner, and much more tightly integrated. It probably won't happen in the first release or two (for a number of reasons), but many of the routines could be extracted out into a library, which means the ability to tap into them for other purposes, and be used in other programs via object calls and/or hooks. So, with time, also comes added features and more power, it hasn't been wasted.

Thanks again to all who've registered!

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