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[UPDATE] Graphic/Logo upload

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[UPDATE] Graphic/Logo upload
I just did a clean install of Links SQL 2.0.3, into a clean database.

I installed the 01.01.29 version of this plugin, and it worked "out of the box" so to speak. Modify is still quirky, but that will be fixed with the move to the complete override of the "modify.cgi" file. It will also make it possible to do somewhat more customization.

But uploading and adding images works well. You can control size of the upload, and other such things.

I will be cleaning this up, and the 01.01.30 version should be available tonight. I'll send it out to anyone who is on the list, and/or who registers via PayPal today.

Price is $35, and it includes all updates through the 01.xx.xx series.

The big changes will be error reporting on uploads that don't fit the criteria (this will be improved by use of the modified .cgi files as well!), and more flexibility in how you handle the requests to "modify" a file/logo on-line.

Again, I'm concentrating on the administrators approving this, since the liability for distributing porno, viruses, etc is so high, allowing "free" un-checked uploads is really not a good idea any more.

Expect the release late tonight, Eastern time.


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