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[UPDATE] Basic_Banner, version 3.0

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[UPDATE] Basic_Banner, version 3.0

Its been a long while since a new release of Basic_Banner.

After having a think about it, I decided to rewrite it - and take a different approach for randomizing the banners.

Instead of using a random array (i.e 1..10, and choosing a number between), I've decided to take the route of doing the random stuff via MySQL. i.e:


Doing it this way, also allows for a few more features.

For example - you can now set this for each banner:

1) Banner URL (destination)
2) Banner "alt" Text
3)Banner Image

It also tracks clicks (via banner.cgi), and impressions (these are only tracked when run dynamically)

I've also written a basic admin interface - so you can manage the banners (and view clicks/impressions/ the image being shown)

You can get the latest version from our site:


Below is a screenshot of what the admin interface looks like:

Enjoy :)


Andy (mod)
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