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[RESUMED] Logo/Graphic & Image/Upload

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[RESUMED] Logo/Graphic & Image/Upload

I've started back on this, but need the feedback on what isn't working,
or needs changed.

I will set up a new site to allow you to test uploads, but there are
quite a few using the program, and only a few are feeding back to me!

All the "key" routines are done. It's a matter of weaving them together,
and creating a template set.

_most_ of the functionality of ImageFolio has been worked out, without
the use of ImageMagick, _but_ I've also limited the file types a bit.
The penalties to try to handle everything in ImageMagick, to the costs of
trying to get that installed and working, just wasn't there (also, ImageMagick
can kill a server pretty quickly under any sort of load).

"Media" files are not handled yet, but they will be added in individually,
over time.

Hopefully, the delayed update release will be out in a day or two. A lot of the delay was/is a disruptive personal situation that is still on-going.

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