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[RELEASED] Search by first letter

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[RELEASED] Search by first letter
I put a plug-in on the FAQ site.

It handles a start-of-word search. The upshot is, that you can set up a field in your links record with a name, a word, or a phrase you want to search by, and you can allow searches in alphabetical order. This was supposed to be the start of a letter bar, but I expanded it to allow any number of start-of-word chracters.

You can see how it works on the Domains site I have, where I wanted to be able to search by first letter, or starting characters of the Domain_Name field, rather than by substring or exact match.


This is shareware, $5 or more.

Note: I left a bit of debugging code in you can remove by editing the plug-in and deleting the 'print' statements in the Alpha_Bar.pm file. The reason I left them in, is it will help to make sure you set up your searches correctly. Normal searches will only see the plugin start, a plug-in search will show the terms it's working on.

NOTE2: It seems you can install directly from http://LinkSQL.com/FAQ/pages/files/Alpha_Bar.tar

But there is an install problem Alex will have to address (remote installs install both into Uninstalled, and Installed).

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
FAQ: http://LinkSQL.com/FAQ

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